Friday, July 18, 2003

Ahh.. my first log. Today I meet Doc Jamal,a fellow Palm user in Kuantan. Waited at Kuantan Parade but he mistaken and went to Megamall instead. Although no serious beaming session happened (Doc Jamal PDA's Ir can't receive anything), what matters is that we meet, get to know each other and have some useful discussion. Our topic ranges from Palm to the latest Harry Potter book and education. Doc Jamal also finds that the latest Harry Potter book is kinda dark and disturbing with Harry's tantrums and all that. Guess that what happened when you don't have parents and don't have anyone to guide you. Pictures are deceving, Doc Jamal appear to be fuller and whiter than the picture in his weblog. Maybe that picture is when he is much younger. ;-) Hope to have a proper Palm User Meeting in Kuantan soon.


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